Participation in the EEB Expert Workshop "Brainstorming Methodologies to be Adopted for Developing ECBC Code for Multi-Storey Residential Buildings" in Delhi (India) at 05.05.2017

  • Project no.251264
  • Duration 04/2017 - 05/2017

The head of the Energy Efficiency Building Program implemented by GIZ together with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) under the Indo-German Energy Program invited the Wuppertal Institute to participate in the planned expert workshop "Brainstorming methodologies to be adopted for developing Energy Efficient Building Code (ECBC) code for multi-storey residential buildings".

This workshop took place on 5 May 2017 in Delhi, India. On the part of the Wuppertal Institute, Dr. Stefan Thomas, Head of the Energy, Transport and Climate Policy Research Group, and co-ordinator of the bigEE project, and Mr. Sriraj Gokarakonda, research associate in the energy, transport and climate policy research group, and mainly on the work of the country project India in the context of bigEE have participated in the workshop.

The workshop mainly focused on aspects that are key to the development of ECBC for residential buildings as well as to facilitate its notification in Indian States. Further, the feasibility to include the energy efficiency label in green building certifications programme as a part of the ECBC have been discussed. The highlights of the workshop are discussions related to the following aspects:

  • To develop ECBC code for Multi-storey Residential buildings (ECBC-R)
  • To facilitate the notification of updated ECBC in Indian States
  • To facilitate the inclusion of energy efficiency label in green building certification programme
  • Assist central government and selected state governments or urban local bodies in the development of incentive mechanisms (e.g. Fiscal, based on new labels or updated certification schemes) for energy efficiency in multi-storey residential buildings.

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