Optimise Floor Area Use, Minimise New Construction Pressure

  • Project no.251321
  • Duration 04/2019 - 03/2022

Many municipalities try to counteract the prevailing lack of dwellings with various activities to foster investments in housing. The new construction of houses, however, causes high land use and a high consumption of resources. Instead much of the housing needs could be met by existing dwellings if people chose to smaller living spaces and alternative living concepts at biographical turning points (such as children moving out).

The project OptiWohn therefore explores the question of how to promote optimised use of living space proactively. The centerpiece is the development and founding of municipal housing agencies. They identify living space requirements in the neighborhood, offer advice for those seeking accommodation, mediate alternative apartments or initiate home exchange offers.
In addition to the advisory and promotional offer for the optimisation of the use of living space in the cities of Cologne, Göttingen and Tübingen, the results will be translated into municipal recommendations for action, which should also address other actors and multipliers. In addition, a nationwide funding program for space-efficient living will be drafted.


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