100,000 Watts Solar Initiative at Schools in North Rhine-Westphalia - Energy School 2000+ (Stage II)

  • Project no.2202
  • Duration 05/2002 - 10/2004

In the frame of the project stage II further solar&save projects are realised at four schools in North Rhine-Westphalia: Käthe-Kollwitz comprehensive school in Recklinghausen (Target 2 region); comprehensive school Berger Feld in Gelsenkirchen (Target 2 region); European School in Cologne; and Willibrord secondary school in Emmerich.
In addition to the equipment with solar power systems (photovoltaic) in these schools, energy saving potentials are developed in the field of lighting, heating, circulation pumps and if necessary the ventilation system. Modelled on project stage I, the financing is effectuated by private civil investors, the availment of grants (REN-program of NRW), and by borrowing from the 100,000 roofs solar program offered by the Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW).
Equivalent to the projects of stage I, the planned solar&save projects of stage II are designed to bring profit to all involved parties. The schools and school authorities see the high attractiveness of the project especially in the fact, that

  • schools are equipped with modern and comfortable systems without raising own money;
  • pupils and teachers experience resource and climate protection firsthand, local authorities are not burdened in terms of money but at the end of the contract's term they become owner of a fully functional solar power plant;
  • based on planned private investment, many people take financial responsibility and will receive propriate interest yield for the capital put up (climate protection as capital investment);
  • the environment is disburdened by a considerable reduction of climate relevant emissions.

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