Re-Use Berlin 2022/23

Implementation of Re-Use Measures 2022-2023

  • Project no.352923
  • Duration 08/2022 - 11/2023

Under a red-red-green government, the state of Berlin has committed itself to the "Zero Waste" model already in the 2016-2021 legislative period and is pursuing a targeted and consistent implementation of the zero-waste strategy anchored in the waste management concept (AWK). This was a key step in transforming Berlin's waste management into a modern circular economy, for which the reuse of second-hand goods serves as a key approach.

In the context of the political goal of strengthening the reuse of second-hand goods, extensive measures are now to be implemented, which also base on the practical experiences of the pilot tests conducted in previous project years. This will set up further comprehensive structures in Berlin and help the second-hand goods market to be taken out its niche allowing a broader market penetration.

The project comprises the following six work packages:

  • Accompaniment Re-Use Superstore
  • Implementation of re-use shop-in-shop
  • Networking of re-use actors
  • Carrying out online specialist dialogues
  • Re-use ideas competition
  • Rough concept of excess goods

Upon the management of the work package "Re-use idea competition," the Wuppertal Institute will conduct a competition for ideas as a continuation of the series of idea competitions by Re-Use Berlin (2018, 2019, 2020, 2022). Within the last working package, the Wuppertal Institute will create a rough concept for a pilot test with an identified Berlin based stakeholder for the reuse i.e., placement of surplus textile goods on the market. The project is based on the previous projects, which were carried out since 2018 as part of the initiative "Re-Use Berlin."

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