Consulting on the Development and Implementation of a Masterplan Renewable Energy in the Framework of the German G8-Presidency 2007

  • Project no.2234
  • Duration 12/2006 - 11/2007

Energy efficiency becomes more and more a central focus of the international (energy) policy agenda. On this account, the German Ministry for the Environment assigned the Wuppertal Institut to analyse energy efficiency potentials in the G8, G8+5 and G20 countries. In cooperation with the ZEW the study was accomplished from December 2006 to December 2007. After a cross-national sectoral analysis a country-specific analysis on energy efficiency potentials based on national scenario studies is given. Currently implemented or planned energy efficiency policies are analysed as well. Based on energy efficiency potential analyse a first weighting of potential results regarding extent and practicability was conducted. The conclusion provides a brief and rough overview of the achievable energy efficiency potentials in the G8+5 and G20 countries.
The results of the study were used for a workshop organised by the German Ministry for the Environment within the German G8 presidency.