Innovative Approaches to Increase the Gender Positive Effects in the FZ Portfolio on Urban Development, Urban Mobility, Waste Management and Circular Economy

  • Project no.253287
  • Duration 01/2024 - 04/2024

Gender equality is a key component for sustainable development and the achievement of urban development goals. Against this background, researchers within the project KfW-Gender identify and (further) develop strong approaches in the areas of urban planning, mobility, urban waste management and circular economy.

First, they collect all current known theories and empirical evidence of gender-specific impacts in these sectors. Using the Theory of Change and the 3R approach, they then develop sectoral impact logics and problem-solving approaches that include gender-sensitive indicators at outcome and output level. These should help to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of Financial Cooperation projects and at the same time promote gender equality.
Furthermore, the project participants put a framework of indicators together, which measures and evaluates the progress towards gender equality precisely. Finally, based on the study, they outline recommendations for measures to strengthen gender impact in the focused areas and identify research gaps and further study needs.

Based on the findings, the aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive knowledge database that includes the developed impact logics and the corresponding indicators, and serves as a basis for the design and implementation of future gender-equitable urban development projects.

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