Modular Development of a Business Field "Energy Services" or "Climate Protection Services" for the Municipal Energy Company of Gronau/Westfalen (Germany)

  • Project no.1237
  • Duration 11/2008 - 02/2009

The municipal energy company of Gronau (Westphalia, Germany) consulted the Wuppertal Institute with regard to a possible modular development of a business segment "Energy Services" or "Climate Protection Services". It was possible to identify promising fields of action and to propose steps for the development of respective products and marketing activities.
Increased energy efficiency and climate protection activities as well as intensified regulatory pressure will lead to a reduction in sales and margins of the provision and distribution of fossil-fuel based energy carriers. Against this background, a strategic options for energy companies like the municipal energy company of Gronau will be to gain additional income and marginal returns by extending the value-added chain to the markets for energy efficiency services, combined heat and power and renewable energies.