Deriving a (Least-Cost) Action Plan for Promoting Alternative Automotive Technologies and Alternative Fuels

  • Project no.3241
  • Duration 10/2008 - 03/2011

The core objective is to derive effective least-cost policy strategies to achieve a significant increase in innovative alternative fuels (AF) and correspondingly more efficient automotive technologies (AAMT) to head towards a sustainable individual and public transport system. The project bases on an investigation of about 80 recently implemented successful case studies of pilot projects for marketing AF and AAMT from all over Europe and beyond. Furthermore, prospective scenarios on the future deployment of AF and AAMT will be developed, showing how to meet EU targets with least-cost for EU citizens based on efficent & effective policy mixes. The major output will be a detailed action plan for practical implementation within Europe as a whole, as well as for specific regions and countries. It describes step-by-step how to transfer and disseminate the most promising current local initiatives for AF and AAMT and how to accompany them with effective and efficient national or EU policies. The Wuppertal Institute is mainly involved in the work packages "Review of historical developments" (Germany and Japan) and "Analysis of case studies on pilot projects".

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