Future Energy Consulting in Germany

  • Project no.1235
  • Duration 08/2008 - 05/2010

Energetic retrofitting of existing buildings in Germany has a high potential to reduce energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. Despite a number of support programmes and different kinds of energy consulting the rate of refurbished houses is rather low. How can energy consulting contribute to the realisation of energetic measures? Are the recent offers adequate? Or could other consultancy concepts increase the rate of energetic retrofitting?
The Wüstenrot foundation commissioned the Wuppertal Institute to analyse and evaluate the current situation on the energy consulting market for private households.
Therefore, present consultancy offers and existing evaluations are compiled to analyse their strenghts and weaknesses. The following interviews with consultants and clients focus on the motivation, the satisfaction with the advice, the realisation of energetic measures and other aspects.
The aim of the project is to develop a consultancy concept that integrates proposals to optimise both the propositions and the consulting quality in the field of energetic retrofitting.