Hamburg European Green Capital 2011: Exhibition "Train of Ideas"

  • Project no.1426
  • Duration 07/2010 - 04/2011

The city of Hamburg was awarded the title "European Green Capital 2011" by the European Commission in 2010. In this context, the city of Hamburg develops sustainable solutions for urban challenges regarding issues such as climate protection, mobility, air quality, water, and land use. It aims to promote sustainable, future-oriented urban development not only in Hamburg but in different cities across Europe. The "Train of Ideas" supports a broad dissemination of these visions and solutions, demonstrating how European cities can be made both liveable and sustainable in the future. Target groups of the "Train of Ideas" exhibition include: general public, young people and teenagers, media, politics, companies, organisations and many more.
The train will start its tour around Europe in April 2011 in Hamburg, stopping at more than 15 European cities, e.g. Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Riga. The exhibition is covering major six subject areas: housing/urban development, mobility, energy, nature, resources, consumption/economy.
Within these subject areas, challenges of today's cities are to be demonstrated and visualised in the exhibition; furthermore, possible solutions for mastering these challenges are highlighted and visions for the (sustainable) city of the future are developed. Best-practice examples from different European cities are used for demonstration purposes in this context.

The Wuppertal Institute (RG 4) contributed to this project with different tasks:

  • Preparation of input papers for each subject area as knowledge base for the design agency for developing the different exhibits;
  • Content-development for selected areas of the exhibition;
  • Assessment of best-practice examples submitted by the different cities; assessment and evaluation of scope and content of projects; collection of additional best-practice projects from other European cities.
  • Final check and approval of exhibits (content).

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