Mapping of Anthropogenic Stock in Germany for Optimizing Secondary Raw Material Economy

  • Project no.2328
  • Duration 10/2012 - 07/2014

The aim of the project is to elaborate an updateable database model of anthropogenic raw material stocks to ascertain the secondary raw material potential from durable goods and buildings. This includes in particular:

  • Estimating the quantity and composition of current anthropogenic raw material stocks in buildings, infrastructures, and selected durable goods in Germany.
  • Analysing data sources and parameters for describing the dynamics of change in anthropogenic stocks.

Top-down analysis on the basis of economic data is combined with product-specific projections in the form of bottom-up approaches. This is supplemented by analysis of secondary material flows. The project covers the following four work packages (WP):

  • WP1: System concept and top-down analysis
    Development of a system concept for a multi-level material flow model
    Top-down analysis of anthropogenic material flows
  • WP2: Bottom-up analysis of stocks
    Analysis of building structures and technical infrastructure facilities, buildings (residential and non-residential buildings) and durable goods
  • WP3: Synthesis of approaches
    Comparison of top-down and bottom-up results, their evaluation and possible adjustments
    Optimisation of findings through examination of secondary material flows
  • WP4: Concept for assessing changes in stocks
    Development of a model for describing stocks and flows and systematizing annual survey source data.

In order to evaluate the results of the project, they are discussed with external experts.

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