Discussion Paper Sustainable Development Area "Kempten Halde-Nord"

  • Project no.150429
  • Duration 01/2015 - 02/2015

The project "Halde-Nord" is the last larger development area in the urban municipality of Kempten, which belongs to the Allgäu region in Bavaria / Germany. The exploitation is to begin by the end of 2015/ beginning of 2016 and will take place in several sections. In total living space for 2,000 people should be created by new single family houses and blocks of flats as well as compacted single and terraced house developments. The development has been decided by the city council of Kempten as one of ten key-projects in the long-term climate protection concept of Kempten called "Masterplan 100 Prozent Klimaschutz bis 2050". As a result, the announcement of the urban development and country planning realization competition "Wohnen in Halde-Nord" already specified that at least one part of the competition area should be created as a prototype for particularly climate-neutral and energy self-sufficient house building.

Resting on a existing planning basis the Wuppertal Institute had been asked to produce ideas for energy-efficient / energy self-sufficient, climate-appropriate and CO2-low-emission construction and housing and to summarize them in one discussion paper. The paper presents future-oriented, sustainable and innovative ideas, suggestions and concepts briefly and reflects them - as far as possible - roughly (e.g. by means of a survey map) on the real situation on site.

The paper analyses the following seven aspects of an integral urban planning:
1. Sustainable energy supply
2. Building efficiency standards
3. Energy-efficient behaviour and sufficiency
4. Construction material, grew energy and resources
5. Climate resilience and improvement of microclimate
6. Settlement system and urban aspects of transport link and mobility
7. Social aspects.

Each of these seven points will be addressed in the following structure:
a. Short description and relevance of the topic
b. Starting points, lever and measures
c. Indications/ Advices for the city of Kempten.

The results of the discussion paper serve as professional input for the climate protection advisory board of Kempten. They are part in the on-going planning process of the urban planning and constructing committee of the city of Kempten.

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