Science Based Development of a Hessian Strategy towards Resource Protection

  • Project no.350537
  • Duration 06/2015 - 12/2015

Objective of the Project: Conservation of natural resources and the protection of sustainable livelihoods represent the core issues of the current Hessian Ecological Policy. The Hessian coalition contract foresees the development of a Hessian strategy towards more resource protection. It is the overall objective to pool the political activities of the Hessian state government and to include in this process science, economy and as well associations.

In this respect, account should be taken of international and European challenges, targets and indicators will have to be reflected. At Länder level, the development towards a more sustainable resource use combined with societal benefits should be carried forward.

The State of Hesse as a region with an internationally disproportionate use of natural resources has to secure its raw material supply while reducing its dependence on natural resources. At the same time, a role model for the sustainable use of natural resources should be developed for enhancing the decoupling of economic growth from natural resource use.

Final project aim

  • To comment on conception, structure and on selected priority issues of the Hessian strategy towards resource protection
  • To carry out an evaluation of concrete measures with respect to feasibility over time and to relevancy as well as to outline a long-term perspective as a strategic vision considering also costs
  • To prioritise political measures for a more sustainable resource use with regard to strategic importance and to align them to verifiable and transparent targets for the years 2020, 2030 and 2050.

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