Analysis of the Raw Material Demand of the Energy Infrastructure in Germany

  • Project no.450912
  • Duration 07/2016 - 01/2017

The project builds on the results of the project "resource backpack of the German energy system", which was conducted from 5/2015 to 2/2016. Both projects aim at quantifying the material demand of the electricity production in Germany for 2050 in comparison to today. The current project looks especially at the material demand of storage technologies, while the early project focused on the assessment of the power plants. Moreover, single gaps of the earlier project results will be closed. Overall, the following topics are being addressed:

  • Assessment of the raw material demand of storage technologies such as batteries, power-to-gas, and power-to-liquid. The calculation relates to the current state of development and possibly advanced technologies in 2050.
  • Sensitivity analysis of wind energy and photovoltaics: Plants representing the current average in Germany, the best available technique and a possible development in 2050 will be analysed regarding their raw material demand.
  • Selection of existing scenario studies for the German "Energiewende" projecting the electricity production until 2050. The parameters of the specific scenario studies will be used to determine the overall electricity demand, the storage capacity and technological developments.

All calculations are based on a life cycle wide analysis using the method "material input per service unit" (MIPS).

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