Waste Prevention and Waste Management in Western Balkan Countries

  • Project no.351175
  • Duration 05/2017 - 11/2017

Western Balkan countries are participating in the activities of the European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET), together with the European Environment Agency (EEA) with 33 member countries. An important policy domain is the waste management and waste prevention policies and implementation of the Eurpean Union (EU) waste legislation, where the countries are making efforts to approximate their legislation and policies with that of the EU Member States. The ultimate goal of the EEA is to fully include the countries in the regular assessment reports, to develop a regular indicator reporting system and to assist capacity development and networking. The project aims at continuing previous activities and at extending its work to waste prevention issues within the circular economy context, in addition to waste management. The specific goal is to review recent developments and activitiesin the countries Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia, to develop specific country profiles on waste prevention and to support the production of fact sheets on managing municipal solid waste in cooperation with the local authorities from the EIONET cooperating countries.

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