Fostering Entrepreneurship and Raw Materials at Schools Through Serious Gaming

  • Project no.451214
  • Duration 12/2017 - 12/2018

The project FosterERM@Schools is a follow-up project to FosterERM Risk&Race. In the predecessor project, a serious game called "Risk&Race" was developed for entrepreneurs, professionals and master students. Within the project FosterERM@Schools the game will be further developed, adapted and simplified for upper secondary students. Serious Gaming intends to provide students with knowledge and professional content in a playful way, such as learning processes on entrepreneurship, real situations, material flow and business processes in the raw materials sector.

The project aims to strengthen the connections between the educational training period and job opportunities for youngsters by raising awareness for and the attractiveness of the raw materials sector. Through this it will motivate for careers in science and technology and increase inflow in BSc programmes for the sector.

The game is being designed and produced in a co-creation approach with the partners Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) and Flemish Institut for Technological Research NV (VITO). The co-creation approach as well as the creation of a Student and Teacher Advisory Board will ensure the game's suitability and effectiveness with the target groups.

The game will be tested in a two-staged tournament in the countries of the partners: Germany, Italy and Belgium. It will be played with a total of 150 secondary school students in these countries. This tournament is a test stage for an EIT-wide event in a KAVA (KIC added value activities) from 2019 onwards.

EIT RawMaterials Academy

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