Building Market Briefs: Assessing the Potential of Low Carbon Technologies in the European Building Stock (2017-2018)

  • Project no.451312
  • Duration 04/2017 - 12/2017

In order to support low-carbon innovations in the building sector, comparable pan-European market data is needed. In the European Union, such information related to the building sector is presently incomplete and fragmented, making a reliable pan-European overview challenging. This hinders the uptake of existent and upcoming low-carbon innovations and technologies.

The Climate-KIC project Building Market Briefs (BMB) aims to collect and generate insights on the building sector to foster low-carbon investment and uptake. Targeted beneficiaries of the BMBs are chiefly low-carbon technology and innovation suppliers (large corporations, SMEs, start-ups intending to scale up their solutions). The reports focus on relevant market information as well as needs, barriers and decision criteria of the market's demand side, enabling them to:    

  • identify the most relevant market segments and business opportunities to invest in through an in-depth understanding of the building stock and relevant stakeholder cooperation models
  • diagnose stakeholders' specific needs in the market, especially property owners and tenants
  • link with local market experts' network and materialise business opportunities

National/EU policy-makers and property investors will be able to extract a pan-European overview of comparable market information, enabling them to benchmark the situation in different markets. Eventually, all stakeholders in the building sector will benefit, since aligned and comparable information is a key contributor to overcome market barriers.

EIT Climate-KIC

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