Impact Report NRW Sustainability Bond #5

  • Project no.451963
  • Duration 08/2019 - 11/2019

The main focus of this project is the evaluation of the fifth sustainability bond issued by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2019, which relates to sustainable projects in the 2018 financial year. The so-called "Impact Analysis" is already the fourth study carried out by the Wuppertal Institute. It contains valuations for all bonds distributed to date. This year's bond has a volume of over two billion euros and relates to more than 50 projects.

The researcher of the Wuppertal Institute evaluates the quantifiable ecological and social effects triggered by the projects that are refinanced in the bond. These include traditional areas of green bonds, such as the avoidance of greenhouse gases through modern and energy-efficient buildings, but also the assessment of a number of social impacts – including, for example, the financing of additional social workers at schools in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) or the expansion of study places.

In addition, this year's project is investigating various methodological issues. The focus here is on the framework conditions and prerequisites for the quantifiability of further social and ecological impacts and the development of a methodology for quantifying or qualifying co-impacts.

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