Working with and for theWuppertal Institute

Even though staff numbers have increased distinctly over the past years, the Wuppertal Institute's company culture still lives from an open-minded and friendly atmosphere as well as a simple hierarchy structure. A good and transparent communication is an important basis for us.

Advancement & Qualification

The Wuppertal Institute not only emphasises the equality of opportunity, but also encourages diversity. We support and foster each staff member individually. By the means of a specific human resource development, we ensure our staff’s qualification. Therefore we offer individual advanced trainings for both our scientific and administration staff, intern and extern group workshops or provide opportunities to attend conventions and conferences. The "WIN_achwuchsförderungsprogramm" is a development programme for our Senior Researchers and besides the management programme one of two measures to recognise and facilitate potentials.

Family & Job

The Wuppertal Institute actively supports staff members to keep job and family life in harmony. We offer flexible working time accounts, flexible schedules and flexible part time jobs that enables staff members to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Health & Socialising

We also care for the social integration and health of our staff. Naturally, we provide a company pension scheme. To top it all off, we offer workshops or likewise on a healthy work-life balance regularly in cooperation with pme-Familienservice. Furthermore, there are several sport clubs or classes such as soccer, yoga and beach volleyball that some staff members called into life self-initiatively and organise themselves.


Heike Dick

Team Leader Human Resources Management and Development


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