Climate Protection within a SustainableUrban and Regional Development

Cities and regions are undergoing radical changes: regional economic structural changes, demographical and social changes, the change of lifestyles in terms of their spacial dimensions, changes of (energy) infrastructures and mobility patterns, the evolvement of new agent constellations and the growing public debt, as well as climate change with its regional consequences that operate spacially and thus challenge regions and municipalities strategically. 

The research unit "Climate Protection and Adaption within a Sustainable Urban and Regional Development" at the Wuppertal Institute deals against the background of these developmental dynamics with the following research questions:

  • What action conditions have to be given in a multi-level governance system of municipalities or regions to further enable a development towards zero emissions and resilience?
  • What action capacities exist in municipalities within their respective development pathways to both foster ambitioned climate protection and build resilient urban and regional structures?
  • Which strategies, approaches or measures (and measure programmes) enable agents (social groups, corporations, organisations) to further contribute to climate protection and to heighten the resilience of a municipality or region? Which new agent and corporation constellations form in the context of the energy transition?
  • Which structure preserving strategies on regime level hinder innovative approaches and measures (or measure programmes)?
Climate Protection in Sustainable Urban and Regional Development
Meanwhile, large photovaoltaic modules on urban roofs – like here on multi-family houses – are not a rare sight anymore. With every new construction and reconstruction more are added that contribute to a more sustainable urban and regional development.

In their research and consulting projects, this research unit deals with the action capacities of municipalities, regions and corporations on three levels in order to pursue emission and development pathways.

  1. System analyses, policy analyses and evaluation
  2. Management strategies and Governance in a multi-level governance system
  3. Visions, policy objectives and analyses of scenarios


Here you find research activities in the field of Climate Protection within a Sustainable Urban and Regional Development.