2nd WISIONS Webinar

What if the grid arrives? How off-grid renewable energy projects have adapted to grid arrival

  • Events 19.04.2018

Off-grid renewable energy projects sometimes remain off-grid in the long-term. But in some cases, the national electricity grids reach these areas, leaving communities, governments, and other stakeholders with major decisions to make. The second webinar is entitled "What if the grid arrives? How off-grid renewable energy projects have adapted to grid arrival" and will focus on how small-scale renewable energy projects adapt and plan for national grid expansion.

In principle, off-grid mini-grids powered by micro-hydro, solar PV or by combination of renewable energy technologies (hybrid generation) can be connected to the national grid. However, many technical, regulatory, and management challenges remain. For other solutions, such as solar home systems, the question is whether they are sustainable and might be a good and independent alternative to the grid – especially if the grid does not offer stable service. In the worst case, however, the grid's arrival can lead to the abandonment of off-grid systems and a loss not only of the financial and resource investments, but possibly also of jobs, technical know-how, and autonomy.

What will become of these stand-alone renewable energy systems or micro-grid solutions? Will they sustain and survive? Can and shall they become connected to the grid? Which are preconditions and challenges? And how can communities with off-grid systems best plan and prepare for this possibility?
This webinar highlights experiences faced across the global south through several case studies.


  • Chris Greacen, Palang Thai
  • Rebecca Leaf, Association of Rural Development Workers Benjamin Linder (ATDER-BL, Nicaragua)
  • Junaed Tazdik, IDCOL Assistant Manager, SHS Program
  • Mafruda Rahman, Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Molly Hurley Depret

The webinar will take place on April 19, 2018 at 16 o'clock. More details are available on the WISIONS website.