The Wuppertal Institute is one of the largest research institutes and a leading think tank on the topic of a sustainable transformation. Policy makers, businesses, associations, NGOs or scientists and all those in our society who want to move towards the utopia of a just and sustainable world will find the Wuppertal Institute an invaluable partner for projects, analyses and scenarios.

Be it the changing nature of cities, technological options in mobility and energy generation, local or international climate policy, lifestyles or resource efficiency in production and products: We find solutions for those looking to face the Great Transformation.

We have driven many of these topics for over 25 years with our expertise and our creativity. Our top researchers have received many awards and been recruited into countless commissions and juries, they teach at different universities and are in high demand as discussants and speakers.

What sets the Wuppertal Institute apart is its transdisciplinary approach, which does not only integrate different scientific disciplines, but also recognizes the knowledge held by stakeholders in the field. This leads to practical and transferable solutions that are often tested in real-world labs or pilots and are accepted by the stakeholders and society at large.

Clients from politics, administration, business, associations, NGOs and research institutes are consistently more than satisfied with our input. As required we work with a large network of partners from all the sectors mentioned above.

On average our scientists work on 150-170 projects per year. Our various clients include:

  • the federal ministry of research
  • other ministries, federal and state agencies
  • the United Nations and the European Union
  • inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations
  • businesses and their associations
  • municipalities and districts
  • municipal corporations and utilities
  • foundations, clubs, associations and institutions

Our services

Every agent of our society, be that of the field of policy, economy, science, from organisations or initiatives, who wants to move towards the utopia of a world that's globally fair to both mankind and environment, finds a partner in the Wuppertal Institute to work together in projects, analyses and scenarios.

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