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solar power plant

Energy System Transformation in the Middle East and North Africa

EnergyTransMod MENA: Presentation of the project results of the ten country studies


Awarded: Highest Potential for Savings Schools4Future

Jury of the eceee conference awarded the poster of the Schools4Future project with the award "Highest Potential for Savings"


A Brief History of Environmental Justice

Essay by Wolfgang Sachs in a special issue of the magazine Böll.Thema

Food consumption

How Digitalisation Can Help to Transform the Food System

ShapingDIT-Study presents approaches for the transformation of production and consumption

steel industry

A Climate Club for the Global Steel Industry

Nature Climate Change journal publishes commentary

ground-breaking Solar Decathlon Europe

Solar Decathlon: Starting Signal for the Construction of the Houses in Germany

Project participants of the Solar Decathlon Europe welcomed the student teams

Picture book: All's Shell that Ends Shell

Living Like Hermit Crabs

The picture book "All's Shell that Ends Shell" by a Wuppertal Institute's research project vividly illustrates what makes a good life – not only for crabs

Mock-up Just Transition Toolbox-Cover

How to Make Coal Transitions Fair for All

The Wuppertal Institute has developed a toolbox to support practitioners in coal regions realising a just transition


The Road Ahead

Carbon Mechanisms Review: reports, analyses, and interviews on prospects for international carbon markets after the Glasgow breakthrough


Shared Data is "Green" Data

Requirements and strategies for data ecosystems in the service of sustainability

Solar panels

Key Strategies Towards Decarbonised Energy Systems

GJETC presents three new studies with policy recommendations

Zero waste shop

Use of Unpacked Food and Reusable Solutions Slowed Down

Research group PuR investigated the effects of the Corona pandemic on packaging waste in Germany


Top 10 Publications of 2021

The ten best peer-reviewed publications of the Wuppertal Institute of the past year


Glasgow Decisions on Mitigation Measures in the Forestry Sector in Focus

Policy Paper analyses future role of forestry activities on the global carbon market


Nearly 300 Policy Ideas for Energy Sufficiency

SöF junior research group releases policy database for energy sufficiency

Brown coal mining

Orientation for a Global Coal Phase-Out

Book volume with 15 country case studies on the political economy of coal has now been published - including German case study by the Wuppertal Institute

Residential buildings

Are Tenants Willing to Pay for Energy Efficiency?

Small-scale analysis shows that although there is a price premium for energy efficiency for rental flats in Wuppertal, it is very low

Circular Economy

Digitalisation Optimises the Circular Economy

ShapingDIT study: strategies for the digital-ecological industrial transformation


Schools Calculate Their Carbon Footprint

Wuppertal Institute have developed a CO2-assessment tool and tested it at four pilot schools

no CO2

Research on Voluntary Offsetting in High Demand

Article of the Wuppertal Institute in top ten publications of 2021 in the peer-reviewed Climate Policy journal

flag pins

Was the Glasgow Conference a Turning Point for Climate Change Mitigation?

Wuppertal Institute publishes detailed analysis of the 26th climate change conference


A Sustainable Mobility System for Everyone

ShapingDIT study: Eight theses to pave the way to a digitalised and sustainable mobility transition


Downfall of the Imperial Mode of Living

Article published in "Grüne Reihe" on fraternity and social friendship by Wolfgang Sachs

Power plant

Role of the International Carbon Trading Up To and Beyond 2050

Policy paper on carbon markets in a 'less than 2 degrees Celsius' world


The Green Hydrogen Puzzle

Article published in Special Issue of Sustainability journal


Climate Conference in Glasgow: Turning Point for Climate Action?

COP26 outcomes and analysis report of the Wuppertal Institute

Windenergie und Photovoltaik

Reclaiming Germany's Model Role in Energy Policy

Policy paper on an approach for shaping the transition to a new energy system

Wind energy

Towards Implementation?

New Carbon Mechanisms Review published with reports and analyses on global carbon markets

Steel industry

Global Steel at a Crossroads

New Agora study prepared with support from the Wuppertal Institute focuses on why the global steel sector needs to invest in climate-neutral technologies already in the 2020s

Flags Pins

Climate Diplomacy on Hold, but not Climate Change

Researchers of the Wuppertal Institute analyse international climate policy in the year of the pandemic

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