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25th International Passive House Conference Comes to Wuppertal

Wuppertal institute supports hybrid event on sustainable building


Saving Energy in Public Buildings

New paper on the results of an energy saving competition in public buildings

EU flag

Is the EU's Green Recovery on Track?

Wuppertal Institute and E3G launch the "Green Recovery Tracker" assessing how green national recovery measures in EU member states are


Life Cycle Assessments Strengthen Sustainable Consumption

Article in the Journal of Cleaner Production examines how qualitative consumer research and quantitative environmental assessments can complement each other

Multiple dwelling with photovoltaic

Expansion of Photovoltaics in German Cities

An analysis of the tenant electricity model with the multi-level perspective


GAIA's Editorial Board Honours of 2020

Honorable mention for journal article on dilemmas in the socio-ecological transformation


Steering Land Transport in a Sustainable Direction with International Governance

Article published in Earth System Governance journal


Top Ten Publications 2020

The top ten peer-reviewed publications of the Wuppertal Institute of the year 2020


Wuppertal Institute in the Top Ten for the Fourth Time in the Environmental Policy Think Tank Comparison

2020 Global Think Tank rankings published


Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research in Real-World Labs

Team of authors on success factors and challenges of the still young research approach


Tackling Energy Poverty in the Private Rented Sector

Wuppertal Institute investigates how to reduce energy poverty among tenants in ENPOR project


Digital Eco-Innovation as a Means to Reach a Circular Economy in Europe

New Biennial Eco-innovation Observatory Report draws attention to digital circular policies and technologies


Promoting Independant Transformative Research

Project EEVA was completed: Handbook for the promotion of transformative and transdisciplinary competences within the framework of a "Transformative Innovation Lab" published

House with photovoltaic

Assessment, Certification, and Use of Energy Performance Certificates

QualDeEPC project: new deliverable on practical application published


Online Trade: Consumer Protection and Sustainability

Policy paper on online trade in the field of tension between consumer protection and sustainability of the German Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs has been published

waste prevention

Updating of the German Waste Prevention Programme

Study evaluates the implementation status and provides recommendations for its further development

Coal-fired power station

Towards Sector-Wide Market-Based Climate Action

Carbon Mechanisms Review published


Design Options for the New International Market Mechanism

Publication of the final report from the project "Article 6 Design Options" on behalf of the German Environment Agency

EU Green Deal

European Green Deal

Research activities and information of the Wuppertal Institute on the European Green Deal

Steel industry

Strategies for a Climate-Neutral Basic Industry in Europe

Wuppertal Institute supports study by Agora Energiewende: summary published


Voluntary CO2 Compensation: Caught Between Credibility and Feasibility

New JIKO Policy Paper examines the future of the voluntary carbon market

Circular Economy

Digital Transformation of the Circular Economy

White Paper on the digital circular economy for industrial transformation published

World Safety

Research Activities and Information on the Corona Pandemic

Publications of the Wuppertal Institute


International Climate Governance Can Promote Sustainable Recovery

Article published in Climate Policy Journal


It's the End of the COP as We Know It!

Reflections on the results of an online expert workshop series on the future of the international climate conferences


How to Raise Ambition Through Carbon Offsetting?

Blog posts and online seminar on the lessons learned and post-2020 prospects for offsets as a climate policy instrument

Industry process

How Germany will Become Climate-Neutral by 2050

Study by the Wuppertal Institute, Prognos and Öko-Institut shows ways to achieve climate-neutrality


Rising Food Consumption Puts the Planet Under Pressure

An assessment of the environmental footprint of expanding food consumption of European households

steel industry

Unavoidable CO2 Production in North Rhine-Westphalia's Industry

IN4climate.NRW names criteria for the unavoidable industrial CO2 production


Consumer Preferences of Online Stores with Circular Economy background

The ideal web presence of companies with circular business models takes consumer experiences into account

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