Towards a Cyclical Concept of Real-World Laboratories

A Transdisciplinary Research Practice for Sustainability Transitions

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  • News 27.08.2018

The transformative research approach of real-world laboratories (RWL) has recently attracted attention in German sustainability science. Some definitions and understandings have been published, but guidelines and procedural quality criteria for establishing and running a RWL are still missing. To address this gap, this article has two aims. First, it aims to derive key components of RWLs from the current discourse on RWLs and similar, but more elaborated research approaches. Second, it aims to transfer these key components into a comprehensive research practice. This practice is illustrated by the RWL process in the project "Well-Being Transformation Wuppertal" (WTW).

The complete article "Towards a Cyclical Concept of Real-World Laboratories" by Matthias Wanner, Annaliesa Hilger, Janina Westerkowski, Michael Rose, Franziska Stelzer, and Niko Schäpke can be found under the following link.