The Digitisation of the Energy Transition

ENavi Summer School 2019

  • Events 12.05. - 17.05.2019
  • Location Potsdam, Germany

With its overarching theme - "THE DIGITALISATION OF THE ENERGIEWENDE" – the ENavi Summer School will start an interactive event series to be held annually in Potsdam. The intense five-day, multi-faceted programme will help participants to acquire profound knowledge in the fields of future mobility, blockchain and big data, smart energy management of building heating systems, sector-coupling, learning systems and data protection. Participants will be engaged in discussions and group works on these key issues.
The aim is to bring together 50 talented early-career scientists and young professionals operating in the private sector, governmental agencies and non-governmental organisations from within the ENavi consortium but also from other Kopernikus projects and European organisations. Together they will discuss scientific findings on the digitalisation of the energy transition on the basis of various criteria and translate these findings into options on a road(s) map with sustainable, innovative pathways.

In this context, the ENavi Summer School provides a unique opportunity for all participants to foster cooperation and an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. These issues span a multitude of natural and social science disciplines and invite stakeholders from the public and private sector to get involved. Experts from within the ENavi consortium, stakeholders, and guest lecturers from other high level national institutes and organisations will contribute knowledge and insights to the Summer School programme. It will comprise lectures, various discussion formats, and interactive group work activities. Before the official start of the application process for this Summer School Event we would like to find out who would be interested to attend this programme from within the ENavi consortium.

The Kopernikus project "Energiewende-Navigationssystem zur Erfassung, Analyse und Simulation der systemischen Vernetzung (ENavi)" (Energy transition navigation system for determining, analysing and simulating the systemic integration), with a total of 64 partners, is run by the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Potsdam.
The Future Energy and Industry Systems Division at the Wuppertal Institute is part of the work package "Modellregionen" (model regions).
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