An Obituary for the Age of Development

New edition of "Development Dictionary" and article by Wolfgang Sachs

  • News 09.03.2020

The guide "Development Dictionary. A Guide to Knowledge as Power" now published in its third new edition with a new foreword by the editor Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sachs, Senior Researcher at the Wuppertal Institute. The book is considered a classic worldwide and has been translated into ten languages. The "Development Dictionary" first appeared in 1992 and deals with the key concepts of the development idea. The German translation "Im Westen so auf Erden: ein polemisches Handbuch zur Entwicklungspolitik" was published one year later. In each article, some of the world's most important development scientists examines a key concept of development thinking and considers it from a historical and anthropological perspective.

In his accompanying article "The Age of Development. An Obituary" Wolfgang Sachs describes the decline of the development idea during the last 30 years and argues for an era of "post-development" based on eco-solidarity.

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