Toolkits for Practitioners in Coal Regions

Four new toolkits to support European coal regions published on Coal Regions in Transition Platform

Structural Change
  • News 28.05.2020
Coal Region Toolkit Cover

The coal regions of Europe have been experiencing structural change for decades. Mechanisation and energy alternatives have led to a sharp decline in jobs in the coal industry - a process that is further intensified by the climate policy framework, which poses major challenges for coal regions. The European Commission has therefore committed itself to helping coal and carbon-intensive regions in their transition to a carbon-neutral economy.
As part of the "Platform for Coal Regions in Transition", representatives of the regions, policy-makers, private sector, research and civil society stakeholders meet at regular intervals to discuss strategies for coal phase-out and to exchange views on successful approaches to shape structural change in coal regions. Reducing environmental pollution and health risks, improving living conditions and creating safer and cleaner jobs are some of the goals that coal regions have set themselves for the future.

The Wuppertal Institute is part of the international consortium that runs the platform's secretariat. The Institute supports the work of the secretariat by building the knowledge foundation for the various activities within the Platform. Recently, the secretariat launched four toolkits to support practitioners in coal regions in shaping the upcoming transformation processes. Thematically, the materials range from strategy development, governance, employment and welfare to rehabilitation and repurposing of coal-related infrastructures.

  • The toolkit "Transition Strategies" provides guidance on the development of transformation strategies in coal regions, on identifying adequate projects and measures and on the evaluation, assessment and adaptation of strategies.
  • The toolkit "Governance of Transitions" contains advice on how to design the right governance model to support a transition process in coal regions, facilitate stakeholder engagement processes and activate the potential of civil society participation and social dialogue.
  • The toolkit "Sustainable Employment and Welfare Support" deals with the skills, needs and training for workers, local cooperation to increase employment in coal regions, supporting opportunities for workers at risk of losing their jobs and the economic diversification of coal regions as a means of creating long-term employment opportunities.
  • The toolkit "Environmental Rehabilitation and Repurposing" provides advice on the closure, renaturation and repurposing of mines, post-mining landscapes and coal-related infrastructure, in relation to financing options, existing knowledge and support tools and policy measures.

From June 29 to July 3 the "Coal Regions in Transition Virtual Week" will also take place. A webinar ist conducted each day from 10:30 to 12:00 CEST and each session will be dedicated to a specific theme, among which: the European Green Deal, the post Covid-19 EU recovery plan, the clean energy potential of coal regions, the Just Transition Mechanism and the role of the Secretariat of the Platform in this new landscape. 

Further Information on the toolkits and the "Coal Regions in Transition Virtual Week" can be found in the links below.