Testers Wanted for Sustainability App

The coaching tool "SUSLA" helps you individually to experience a greener way of life

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  • News 23.07.2020

A sustainable life has nothing to do without plastic straws or homemade toothpaste, it concerns all areas of consumption such as housing, nutrition or mobility. But how can everyday life become more sustainable? "SUSLA", the new browser application, supports these efforts and shows how climate- and resource-friendly lifestyles can look like. The Wuppertal Institute is currently looking for testers for the beta version of this science-based coaching app.

The goal of SUSLA (Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator) is to accelerate the transition to sustainable lifestyles. For this purpose, the browser application calculates the CO2 and resource footprints of the current lifestyle and suggests methods for a more sustainable daily life: For example, taking the train on holiday, trying out vegan food or subletting a room. Out of these ideas, the testers can select suitable ones for them and develop an individual plan for how long and from when they will try out which tips for an environmentally friendly everyday life. SUSLA calculates how many emissions and resources are saved and reminds by e-mail to keep the good intentions.

The Wuppertal Institute has developed the English language coaching app in cooperation with six partner institutions from Finland, Denmark, Mexico, India, Spain and Switzerland: D-Mat, University College Copenhagen, Design your action, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and future.camp. Around 500 test households per country are now sought for the beta version. To enable the project consortium to improve SUSLA after the test round, questions, criticism and suggestions can be sent to the Wuppertal Institute's researchers by e-mail (susla@wupperinst.org) and in an online questionnaire during and after the test period. Via the Facebook group "SUSLA Germany", participants can exchange experiences with the coaching app.

Until the end of September 2020, the web application is available in the test period under the link below. The password is "SUSLA2020".