Corporate Governance of Sustainability

A Co-Evolutionary View on Resource Management

  • Publications 13.06.2007

This book considers corporate governance of sustainability from a co-evolutionary perspective. It explores the linkages between pro-active approaches at the corporate level, market-based incentives and environmental networks involving various actors. Relevant theory on corporate governance, competition, market failures and regulatory tools is also examined. The authors go on to present an assessment methodology suitable for empirical network analysis at the meso-level, and demonstrate its application using eight case studies. Based on these research results, Raimund Bleischwitz and his team draw important conclusions regarding policy analysis, sustainability assessment and the actors involved.

This book is part of the ESRI Studies Series on the Environment.



Part I: Analysing Corporate Governance of Sustainability: Insights from Research and Policy Analysis Part II: Network Analysis and Evaluation Part III: Case Studies on Sustainability at the Meso-Level Part IV: Conclusions References Contributors include: B. Bahn-Walkowiak, R. Bleischwitz, O. Budzinski, J.-A. Fernandez, O. Karius, M. Kuhndt, T. Langrock, S. Ramesohl, U.-M. Schubert, B. Tunçer, H. Wallbaum



Raimund Bleischwitz (ed.):

Corporate Governance Of Sustainability

A Co-Evolutionary View on Resource Management

Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, 2007

288 pp.

ISBN 978-1-84720-228-4 (hardback)

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