The Hot Spot Analysis as Management Tool in the Food Sector

Article in the Agris online Papers in Economics and Informatics

  • Publications 14.01.2015

The food sector will face numerous challenges in the next decades, arising from changing global production and cosumption patterns, which go along with high resource use, causing ecological and social impacts. The article "The Hot Spot Analysis: Utilization as Customized Management Tool towards Sustainable Value Chains of Companies in the Food Sector" aims to illustrate and evaluate the practical applicability of the Hot Spot Analysis methodology in the context of supply chain management in companies. Special emphasis is put on a customized implementation in the value chain beef of McDonald's Germany. The Hot Spot Analysis of its beef value chain shows that the main ecological problems arise in the phase of raw material extraction, whereas the main social problems can be identified in the phase of slaughtering. Furthermore the authors Holger Rohn, Melanie Lukas, Katrin Bienge, Jannick Ansorge und Christa Liedtke illustrate und evaluate the potential of the Hot Spot Analysis methodology and how the results can be implemented in the sustainability management of a company. The article was published in the "Agris online Papers in Economics and Informatics" and can be read online.

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