Suffizienz als politische Praxis

Ein Katalog

  • Publications 21.01.2015

How can the need for sufficiency be rooted within the broad population? First of all, there is hope for a cultural change that includes a better understanding and appreciation of the immaterial values of life. By now, numerous initiatives aim at promoting sufficient lifestyles and a sufficient economy. At the same time, sufficiency is becoming an everyday lesson for many. Since daily life continues to become more expensive, limits of consumption become real - as well as the experience that moderate levels of consumption do not decrease the joy of live.

This catalogue of sufficiency policies is not structured along subject areas, it focuses on the depth of an intervention and the presumed acceptance of specific measures.

The policies presented in the first chapter will most likely be accepted by large parts of the population, as they will ease their life or at least not make it harder. Of course, their impact on climate protection and resource conservation will remain limited.

The second chapter offers policies that require change and re-thinking. They are policies with a profound impact on the way things are usually done, they require new routines and new habits, without however amounting to substantial change in lifestyles. Their contributions to the preservation of nature will in fact be substantial.

The third chapter illustrates policies that interfere deeply with familiar lifestyles and the economic system. They require substantial rethinking and they include making sacrifices. In return, they can make a significant contribution to the protection of our natural decisively to the protection of humanity's natural livelihood.

The 30 policies presented here are not an exhaustive list. They are examples, representations, a broad range of opportunities with varying degrees of impact and range.



Manfred Linz:

Suffizienz als politische Praxis

Ein Katalog

Wuppertal 2015, ISBN 978-3-929944-96-9

(Wuppertal Spezial no. 49)

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