A Resource-Efficient Europe – Programme for Climate, Competitiveness and Employment

Scientific opinion of the Resources Commission of the German Environment Agency

  • News 28.04.2016

An ambitious resource policy supports the development of an integrated, social and competitive Europe. Even though a global coordination for climate protection is economically, environmentally and socially necessary in the long term, the EU can provide a significant contribution to such a development singlehandedly. Doing so would even be of great economic advantage! The newest results of a comprehensive model show that. In separate scenarios they display a global solution, a European solo effort with predominantly market-based instruments, and the effects of an engaged civil society in the EU.

This scientific opinion by the Resources Commission of the German Environment Agency is outlined in the new paper "A resource-efficient Europe – A programme for climate, competitiveness and employment". It is ready for download.

The resource commission, composed of experts from business, science and administration, supports the Federal Environment Agency by developing proposals for the further development of resource efficiency policy, chaired by Dr. Christa Liedtke, Wuppertal Institute, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Faulstich, German Advisory Council on the Environment.

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