International School in Circular Economy Project Management

Henning Wilts holds seminar on project management and financing in circular economy

  • Events 19.06. - 17.09.2023
  • Location Ferrara (Italy) and online

The "International School in Circular Economy Project Management" seminar series covers topics related to circular economy and sustainability. The courses are aimed at graduates of various disciplines and professionals who want to deepen their skills in managing circular economy projects. The goal of the seminar series is the education and professional training of practitioners to help them implement innovative approaches in the field of circular economy.

Prof. Dr. Henning Wilts, Director of the Circular Economy Research Division at the Wuppertal Institute, is one of the seven international lecturers of the seminar series. The content of the individual modules ranges from project management and financing in circular economy to the redesign of products and business models, to life cycle analyses, environmental legislation and best practice examples from the private sector.

The seminar concept combines face-to-face and online sessions: The first part will be held online from 19 June to 9 July 2023. For the in-person sessions, participants will meet at the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Ferrara, Italy, from 4 to 17 September 2023.

The "International School in Circular Economy Project Management" is hosted by the University of Ferrara, in collaboration with Centoform, the Wuppertal Institute, and the Athens University of Economics and Business. Participation is limited to 20 people, and those interested can apply by the 31 May 2023 under the following link.

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