Akzeptanz von industriellem CCS in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Empfehlungen für Politik und Industrie

  • Publications 30.11.2023

On the road to climate neutrality, it is not only renewable energies that play a decisive role, but also technologies like carbon capture and storage (CCS). In Germany, CCS was discussed for coal-fired power plants over ten years ago – but met with massive resistance and was therefore abandoned. However, in industrial processes such as lime or cement production, CO2 cannot be avoided by using renewable electricity. A survey by the Wuppertal Institute now shows: If CCS is to be used for industrial processes, acceptance of the still young technology is surprisingly high among many people. In this In Brief, the authors of the Wuppertal Institute summarised their findings from two acceptance studies on industrially used CCS in NRW and discussed implications for politics and industry.

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