Green Financing: A Catalyst for Sustainable Energy Transition in Rural China

Flagship report on green financing in China and Europe published

  • News 19.03.2024

The flagship report "Financing sustainable energy transition in rural China: Barriers, policies, good practices from China and Europe" by researchers from the Central University of Finance and Economics in China and Dr. Chun Xia-Bauer, Senior Researcher in the Energy Policy Research Unit at the Wuppertal Institute, examines green financial products as a means of promoting clean heating and energy-efficient retrofitting in rural China. In their report, the researchers identify region-specific barriers for households, companies and financial institutions and highlight successful examples of innovative green financing solutions from China and Europe. On this basis, they present the design of three customised green financial products that are specifically tailored to the needs and challenges of promoting clean heating and energy-saving renovations in rural China.

The report is primarily addressed to policy makers and financial institutions in China, yet is also intended to encourage other actors in Asian countries with similar challenges to develop their own initiatives for sustainable solutions.

RurEnergy,a grant project of the switch asia programme funded by the European Union, is dedicated to advancing the adoption of energy retrofitting and renewable heating solutions among rural households in the Chinese provinces of Henan and Gansu. The project employs an integrated approach that combines low carbon technologies, innovative business models, and tailored financing solutions to drive sustainable energy transformation.

Further information and the full report are available free of charge via the following link.

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