Increase of Resource Productivity and Natural Resource Protection - Stakeholder Dialogues in the Raw Material System Copper, the Steel Industry Sector and the Area of Needs "Construction/Housing"

  • Project no.2311, 2409
  • Duration 10/2006 - 02/2008

The project aims to achieve further advances in the field of resource productivity and resource protection in Germany. In order to establish future innovation and new markets, potentials, stakeholders and packages of measures shall be identified and included. The focus will be laid on a) the raw material system copper, b) the steel industry sector as well as c) the area of needs "construction/housing". Workshops with stakeholders from industry, science and policy are main essentials of the application-oriented project.

Work packages:
Work package 1: Analysis of hot spots and potentials for resource productivity and resource protection
A survey of potentials for the increases of resource productivity and resource protection will be prepared. At the national level hot spots of resource use shall be displayed. In addition, driving forces of resource use will be identified. The hot spots will provide the basis for the stakeholder based dialogues of the workshops.

Work package 2: Tapping the potentials
For the several foci, options for measures will be jointly developed with relevant stakeholders i.e. technical, system engineering, organisational, legal und economic opportunities of action. In parallel to the measures, the interests of the involved stakeholders (short and long-term winners and possible losers) as well as the implementation barriers will be highlighted against the background of market and policy development. The options for action shall be deepened at the workshops.

Work package 3: Designing a process of stakeholder dialogues
The dialogue will be designed in 3 workshops scheduled for spring, summer and winter 2007, both to join in the scopes and to get transparency about instruments of incentive. The aspired result of that process is an action program for resource productivity and resource protection in the several scopes. The workshops will contain the following parts:
1. Setting the scene: Potentials and first measures of options
2. Getting engaged: Profiles of measures
3. Possible Action programme

Work package 4: Monitoring the dialogue process
The project involves a pro-active strategy of this dialogue and communication incorporating stakeholders from policy, business and science. In support of this, different products (web portal, power point presentations, input paper for practitioners, an international scientific paper (published in English) and a brochure "Action programme and profiles of measure") will be prepared for stakeholders and the interested public.

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