A New Environmental Accounting Framework Using Externality Data and Input-Output Tools for Policy Analysis

  • Project no.3321
  • Duration 03/2007 - 08/2010

EXIOPOL is a project funded by the European Commission under the sixth framework programme, priority 6.3 Global Change and Ecosystems. The consortium comprises a large number of partners and covers a variety of relevant research expertises in the field of environmental valuation and Environmentally Extended Input-Output assessment. Overall, 38 universities and centres of research from Europe, China and India are involved. The objectives of EXIOPOL are to:

  • Synthesise and develop further estimates of the external costs of key environmental impacts for Europe;
  • Set up an environmentally extended (EE) Input-Output (I-O) framework in which as many of these estimates as possible are included, allowing the estimation of environmental impacts and external costs of different economic sector activities, final consumption activities and resource consumption for countries in the EU;
  • Apply the results of the external cost estimates and EE I-O analysis to the analysis of policy questions of importance, as well as to the evaluation of the value and impact of past research on external costs on policy-making in the EU.

The Wuppertal Institute is part of the project cluster setting up an environmentally extended Input-Output framework.

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