Communal Support Programme: Retrofitting Existing Buildings in Düsseldorf

  • Project no.1222
  • Duration 10/2007 - 06/2008

About 85 percent of the energy consumption in private households can be attributed to heating and hot water. CO2 reduction potentials ar especially substantial in this sector, but they have not been fully realised in the past. Reasons for that are, apart from numerous implementation obstacles, negative trends in the housing market, which led not to an decreasing but to an increasing energy consumption in this sector.
The regional capital Düsseldorf wants to contribute to the CO2-mitigation in this sector with a communal support programme for energy retrofits of existing buildings.
Therefore, the municipal environmental office of Düsseldorf commissioned the Wuppertal Institute to compile suggestions for the development of a communal support programme. In a close cooperation with the municipal environmental office of Düsseldorf and the SAGA-network, the Wuppertal Institute developed a catalogue of suggested measures for a support programme. The support programme was developed to fit to the regional building stock and to specific hindrances to retrofit existing buildings. The different parts of the programme focus the aspects: funding framework, institutional regulations and consulting services, applying standards, supporting single technologies and special target groups, quality control at the execution of construction work as well as information and communication.

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