Energy Efficiency Watch

  • Project no.3235
  • Duration 09/2007 - 02/2010

The Energy End-use Efficiency and Energy Services Directive (ESD) sets an indicative target for EU Member States to achieve 9 percent of annual energy savings from energy efficiency improvement measures within nine years. It requires the Member States to submit national energy efficiency action plans (NEEAPs), which outline the national saving target and the measures to be implemented to achieve this target.

Therefore, European and national parliamentarians launched the initiative "Energy Efficiency Watch". The initiative is designed as a channel for members of the EU-27 National Parliaments and the European Parliament to influence the development and the implementation of the NEEAPs. The Energy-Efficiency-Watch-Initiative will inform parliamentarians on the status quo regarding the NEEAPs in all 27 EU Member States and facilitate an exchange of information on best energy efficiency practice. The Watch also helps raising awareness on the NEEAPs in all Member States.
The Wuppertal Institute and Ecofys provide scientific advice for this initiative by evaluating the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans. The evaluation is divided into three phases:

  • Screening and typifying of all NEEAP-drafts available in spring 2008;
  • In-depth analysis and evaluation of 12 selected NEEAPs;
  • Update of evaluation after acceptance of NEEAPs by the EC with regard to mid-term review (planned for 2008/2009).

The evaluation addresses a number of research questions, among them:

  • Are the requirements of the ESD reflected in the NEEAPs?
  • Which additional information is provided?
  • Which methodologies will be used to calculate the indicative target and the energy savings?
  • What is the relationship between early actions and additional measures?
  • Are there any innovative measures and what is their level of innovation?

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