Public Rent-a-Bike Systems

Municipal Competition "Innovative Public Rent-a-Bike Systems"

  • Project no.1247
  • Duration 03/2009 - 09/2009

The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs published a municipal competition on "Innovative public rent-a-bike systems" (deadline 17 June 2009). The aim is to support projects in German municipalities that initiate and promote climate-friendly and energy-efficient public transport through public rent-a-bike systems. The municipalities were asked to develop ideas and solutions of how such a public rent-a-bike system in combination with existing public transport systems could look like. The target and focus of the project is to diburden cities efficiently from CO2-emissions, pollutants and noise by shifting the individual motorised traffic on to an integrated bike and public transport system. This model of tansportation shifting is not only to protect climate and avoid noise within cities and comunities but also to increase the mobility of those population parts without or with limited access to cars. The integrated bike and public transport system aims at offering a high-value transportation service transferable to other cities and comunities, creating a bicycle friendly climate, developing the availability of public bicycles and reducing the motorised private transport.

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