Eco-Innovation - Putting the EU on the Path to a Resource and Energy Efficient Economy

  • Project no.2315
  • Duration 08/2008 - 03/2009

This study, worked out in order to support the European Parliament's ITRE Committee, deals with the risks created though resource scarcity and the advantages that "eco innovations" in the industrial sector provide to the industrial and energy policy. Overviews on both topics allow references to trends, perspectives but also barriers. The study lists up unused potentials, gives policy recommendations and sketches a possible vision for the future that includes inter alia taxes on construction materials, a trust fund for eco-entrepreneurship and a European programme for resource-efficient housing.
The Wuppertal Institute, as collaborating partner, identifies best practice in the field of eco-innovation supporting, analyses the efficiency of relevant EU-programmes, and provides recommendations for the development of a future political framework on eco-innovations on EU-level.

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