Strategy to Activate Electricity Saving Potentials in Austria

  • Project no.3119
  • Duration 10/2008 - 12/2010

A highly efficient demand-side production of energy services is a major pre-condition for a sustainable economy. The core objective of this research project is to analyse the potential for energy efficiency increases of major demand-side conversion technologies for the provision of electricity based energy services. This analysis will be conducted in a dynamic context until 2030 (plus outlook to 2050) basing on an economic, energetic and ecological evaluation and identifying technologies of highest priority for the increase of efficiency. Internationally implemented energy policies and instruments as well as barriers to the realisation of saving potentials are analysed and strategies to reduce the barriers are developed. Moreover, scenarios (BAU, Best Policy and Least-Cost Scenario) in view of the achievement of the EU-targets for 2020 are worked out and economically valuated.

The targeted major results of this project are:

  • A priority list of the most important applications with respect to energy conservation potentials in the sectors private households, industry and services (office buildings, commercial…) citing the corresponding saving potentials and the invested costs;
  • BAU-, Best-policy, Least-cost scenarios to meet various electricity conservation targets (e.g. the EU-target minus 20 percent until 2020) including a detailed description of the single measures ("Road Maps") for the achievement of these targets;
  • A dynamic action plan will be worked out for an implementation of these priority measures up to 2030 (plus outlook 2050) by means of different types of energy policy instruments (dynamic standards, intensified R&D-activities, investment incentives, information campaigns, tradable white certificates, market procurement strategies…). Main goal of the action plan is to realise the maximum saving potentials at minimum cost.

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