Alternatives for Climate Protection Measures in NRW 2020+ (2050)

  • Project no.1167
  • Duration 12/2009 - 03/2011

The achievement of GHG reduction targets by 2050 in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is a huge challenge regarding its status as an industrial country with a high proportion of power generation. Energy policy strategies have therefore to be considered far beyond the time horizon to 2020. Climate-related measures such as the construction of power plants have implications that go far beyond the next ten years. Against this background it was the aim of this project to extend the analysis of the GHG-emissions and climate protection measures up to 2050.

In the first part of the project relevant mitigation strategies for NRW were identified. In the second part a comprehensive multi-criteria analysis (MCA) of the strategies along various criteria such as GHG reduction potential, cost effectiveness, social acceptance and implementation depth were systematically evaluated and compared. The result of the multi-criteria analysis are recommendations for mitigation strategies that would be particularly relevant for NRW.

Important components of the project were:

  • Status quo analysis of the emission inventory of NRW;
  • A comparison of national and European scenarios to determine robust climate change measures at national and international level;
  • Extrapolation of emission paths for NRW up to 2050 based on already adopted policies and goals;
  • Definition and detailed description of the climate mitigation strategies (such as CCS in the industry and restructuring policy in buildings) for North Rhine-Westphalia;
  • A multi-criteria analysis to compare the suitability of the climate mitigation strategies for NRW.

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