Climate Action Financing Concepts and Instruments for the City of Osnabrück

  • Project no.12100
  • Duration 07/2013 - 05/2014

Climate change mitigation is an important keyword in present local politics. The latest disastrous flooding in East and Middle Germany shows the urgent need to act against climate change. The City of Osnabrück works in this field, too, it became member of the climate alliance in 1994. After years of action the city now ascends the next level of climate action. Taking part in the national program of BMU "Masterplan 100% Klimaschutz", the main target is to reduce 95% of all CO2 emissions and 50% of the local energy use until 2050. Having in mind the difficult financial situation of many German municipalities, one way is to activate the city’s numerous stakeholders and actors. Their financial participation in climate business cases will increase their awareness and have positive effects on the local economy.

The Wuppertal Institute draws an overview of financial facilities and other instruments that might help to reduce the costs of local authorities. The focus will go from EU and national programmes to local alliances and other financial instruments like contracting, climate fund or civil energy cooperatives. Public participation becomes an increasingly important issue. On the basis of four working packages the Wuppertal Institute will identify programmes and instruments that support Osnabrück in reaching its targets.

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