Strategy Development, Consolidation of Measures and Result Processing for the Climate Protection Plan NRW - Partial Project Climate Change Adaptation 2013/2014

  • Project no.1172 O
  • Duration 09/2013 - 06/2014

The State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is developing a Climate Protection Plan that defines the necessary strategies and measures to achieve the goals defined in the State’s Climate Protection Law. The Wuppertal Institute supports the State Government in developing this Climate Protection Plan (Sub-section Climate Change Adaptation).

After the successfully concluded consultation process and development of measures, concrete goals were specified for the 16 fields of action identified as important for climate change adaptation in NRW. These fields were scrutinized for their vulnerability and the way that climate change adaptation is institutionally embedded in them.

The specified targets and tasks were methodically compared to already identified measures in order to determine existing action gaps. To close the gaps, the Wuppertal Institute has identified and proposed suitable adaption measures. In addition, a query to the state environmental ministry was prepared, in order to assess the current state of strategies and measures being developed, and to assist the relevant ministerial departments in developing additional proposals.

The proposals were discussed in scientifically monitored expert workshops and checked for inclusion in the Climate Protection Plan by using selection criteria the Wuppertal Institute has developed.

All measures that were positively rated went through a sustainability check. Using a multi-criteria assessment, the measures were examined for possible conflicts in the five fields

  • ecological effects,
  • social effects,
  • economic effects,
  • international justice,
  • intergenerational justice.

The results led to recommendations for the implementation of measures.

In order to identify possible synergies and potential conflicts between climate protection and climate change adaptation at an early stage, the goals of the six strategic areas of climate protection in the Climate Protection Plan NRW have been aligned with goals of adaptation. Recommendations were made on how to proceed.

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