State-of-the-Art Report on the Bioeconomy: Assessing the Existing Information Basis and Research Stand for Monitoring the Bioeconomy - Systemic Perspective and Modeling of the Bioeconomy

  • Project no.350384
  • Duration 01/2015 - 02/2015

The report will provide basic information for the planed development of a continuous monitoring of the bioeconomy. It will develop an overview of existing approaches, in particular for a systems perspective and modeling of the bioeconomy. 

The following questions will be addressed:

  • What aspects are considered critical for providing a comprehensive, systemic perspective of the transformation towards a sustainable bio-based economy?
  • What criteria and indicators should be applied to make all relevant dimensions of the bioeconomy measurable?
  • Which methodological approaches are available to identify barriers, conflicts, trade-offs and systemic effects?
  • What current research or monitoring projects and which key research institutions should be considered?
  • What approaches, data, and indicators are already available, what are the gaps, and what are the key recommendations to fill these gaps?

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