Evaluation and Development of Proposals Concerning CDM Executive Board's Sustainable Development Tool Considering the Sustainability Requirement of Other Flexible Mechanisms

  • Project no.250179
  • Duration 09/2014 - 06/2015

The project evaluated the CDM Executive Board's Sustainable Development tool and developed recommendations for enhancing the tool. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of the project-based mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol. CDM projects are meant to contribute to both climate change mitigation and the sustainable development of the CDM host countries. The Sustainable Development tool (SD tool) aims at making these effects visible and reportable.

The evaluation of the tool firstly assessed the suitability and comprehensiveness of the current SD tool against international level standards for sustainability asessment by comparing it to other flexible mechanisms such as voluntary carbon offset schemes as well as emerging policy frameworks such as REDD+, NMM and the Green Climate Fund.

In a second step, the project team analysed the appropriateness of the EB's voluntary SD tool against host country needs for sustainability assessments of CDM projects and other mitigation actions. Data for this analysis were derived from a literature review on DNA practices for SD approval of CDM projects as well as from a survey of concrete experiences of host country DNAs.

In a final step, the project team developed politically feasible options for improving the EB's SD tool, taking into account the current CDM legal and administrative framework, the ongoing review of CDM modalities and procedures and the CDM's relationship to other mitigation mechanisms.

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