Local Sufficiency Policy: Strategic Perspectives for Cities, Federal States and Federal Republic

  • Project no.250426
  • Duration 03/2015 - 08/2015

The project evaluates strategic perspectives for cities, federal states, and federal republic regarding municipal sufficiency policy. Several potentials and specific courses of action are highlighted. For cities and municipalities it is difficult to occupy a role model function in terms of sustainability.
Most of them fear that the neighboring municipality could take an advantage of the perceived weakness. For example restrictive measures for private transport are often associated with decreases in the retail sector. The same applies for green spaces that are still exploit for business parks and single-family houses. Thereby they aim at preventing the outflow of tax receipts to the urban fringe.
The survey aims at examining the general conditions that can be used to overcome this dilemma. For example there will be discussed a moratorium for land use and road construction, the demolition of parking lots, standards for building refurbishment, and public acquisition. Those general conditions do not modify the inter-communal competition, but do implicate a sustainable orientation.

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