Support in Conducting a Study on Community-Managed Renewable Energy Projects

  • Project no.251682
  • Duration 11/2018 - 02/2019

Large parts of Myanmar are not yet electrified. The existing energy cooperatives and pre-cooperative structures in Myanmar have not as yet been subjected to in-depth analysis. This study is therefore exploratory. It uses desk research and expert interviews to analyse the current situation of energy cooperatives, examining the local  conditions and carrying out micro-analysis of existing cooperative structures. On the basis of the findings, the study recommends how to support energy cooperatives in Myanmar.

The study focuses on energy cooperatives and other community-based structures in Myanmar that operate mini-grids or are part of the rural value chain of energy provision. Structures which are not registered as cooperatives (but are either registered as a different form of organisation or not registered at all) are considered to be cooperative-like structures if they show key elements of cooperative organisation, especially joint ownership of assets and participatory decision-making. The general focus is upon rural electrification with renewable energy.

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