Data-Benchmarks of German Environmental Policy: Screening, Integrating and Explaining Departmental Relevant Data

  • Project no.251606
  • Duration 09/2018 - 09/2022

On behalf of the Federal Environment Ministry (Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und nukleare Sicherheit, BMU), the project will collate data relevant to different policy areas like nature conversation, resources, energy and mobility into a standard data reference work. The aim is to publish the data as a website and in print. In this way the project intends to address target groups of different ages, with different educational levels and in different situations, in appropriate ways. This standard data reference work will act as a fact-based medium for experts and for opinion leaders in politics, media, and education. Complex academic and political matters will be explained clearly, vividly, and interactively to show how the topic areas relate to individual people's lives.

The Wuppertal Institute prioritises relevant topics and provides the scientific background. The other partner, infographics group, develops thematic storylines and ensures that data are accurately "translated" into visually appealing and comprehensible graphics.

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